Art in Wood and Paper
Vinecroft Studios Holiday Sale - The Artists
Grand Rapids native Fred Bivins owns and operates Vinecroft Studios. An accomplished wood turner, his turnings range from unique natural edge bowls, Christmas tree ornaments, fruit and salad bowls, platters, turned boxes, candle holders, oil lamps, toy tops, snowmen, and Christmas trees, to bud and weed vases and even gavels. Fred is an active member and President of the West Michigan Woodturners and a member of the American Association of Woodturners.

Equally comfortable creating through the use of the antique printing presses that he saved from the iron mongers, Fred presents a collection of note cards printed with his original wood engravings, lino cuts by family artisans, and antique cuts. Fred accepts Visa, Master Card, and Discover

Rita Shields - Comstock Park - Studio potter - Reptilian sculptures, functional ware with leaf motifs, whimsical turtles and frogs, realistic iguanas, chameleons, and other cold-blooded creatures.

Paul Asselin - Grand Rapids - Paul is an Interior Designer by education and training and a closet photographer by night. After 40 years of taking "snapshots" he has finally gotten serious about the art of photography and is doing something about it. He has taken workshops through Brian Kelly at The Photography Room and UICA and encourages you to come and see things his way.

Gina Bivins - Grand Rapids - Quilts, wall and door hangings, table runners, & appliqued bags.

Jimmy Kidder - Grand Rapids - Beaded jewelry made with glass, fimo clay, and semiprecious stone beads, strung on cotton or leather cord, tiger tail wire, or memory wire. Necklaces, ankle and wrist bracelets, watches, and earrings.

Alynn Guerra - Grand Rapids -- I use Block-printing as my main medium of expression, I love the aggressiveness of the black and white impressions from a block that was cut with a variety of knives and gauges. I was supposed to be a graphic designer, but things didnít turn out that good for me in that area, and instead; I became a visual artist; which is almost the same thing anyway. Iím originally from Mexico city, I moved to Michigan in 2000 and have established my art doing in Grand Rapids, where I do business as Red Hydrant Press. Here Iím known for my black and white linocuts, for my Dia de los Muertos skeleton prints and for giving away prints on my birthday. I believe that art should be accessible to everyone who has the need for it.Red Hydrant Press in Grand Rapids.

Mary Jane Wisnewski and Becky Kenny will feature hand painted, glass ornaments - decor for the holidays or year round. Mary will also have her funky, felted Sidekick dolls. They are knit with 100% wool, felted & individually designed with love & inspiration! These one-of-a-kind characters wear fashions & accessories created with recycled clothing, fabric scraps, reclaimed jewelry & maybe some used car parts.

Jan Walker - Grand Rapids - Studio painter - Glass ornaments, acrylic paintings on wood panels.

Artists from Prior years

Roger Timermanis - Grand Rapids (originally Oxfordshire, England) - Fine and commercial artist - Paintings in acrylic, oil, watercolor. Other two-dimensional works in oil pastel. Also available through Synchronicity Gallery in Glen Arbor.

John Despres - Grand Rapids - John A C Despres is owner of Scene it All Productions and has been designing scenery for the past 25 years. Fun projects include designs for Opera Grand Rapids such as Carmen and unveiling the Leonardo da Vinci Horse at Meijer Gardens. Sculpture is the next logical creative step in that itís all about using space as creatively as possible. From large mobiles to small ornaments and bowls, John has works in private collections all over the country. Steel and copper are the primary choices of material in this sale. From table top to lobby size, you can see it all here this season. He and his wife Lea have a three year-old son, Nicolas.

Eliza Bivins - Chicago - The Grand Rapids ex-patriot comes home to display various paper and book creations including photo albums and many styles of note and occasion cards.

Virginia Rose Kane - Grand Rapids - Virginia is a local artist working in mixed media and fine art on paper. Her specialty is colorful collage and intricate botanical papercuttings featured on her website Virginia does accept credit cards

Judy Otten - Grand Rapids - Educator and painter - Painted table runners and floor cloths, placemats, wall and door hangings.

Katzinn - Clio - Studio artist who exhibits throughout the Eastern states - Black and white and color pen and ink drawings and prints.

Maribeth Cooper - Grand Rapids - Her work has been exhibited in many shows throughtout West Michigan and beyond. Marybeth will be showing both functional and decorative ware. She also creates and sells pottery miniatures.

Mary Maxwell - Fitchberg, Wisconsin - Wearable arts: scarves, shawls, etc.

Katie Maxwell - Fitchberg, Wisconsin - Beaded anklets, headbands, key chains, buttons, etc.

Amanda DeWitt - Ephraim, Wisconsin - Studio artist - Jewelry, forged sliver

Jo Ann Bernard - Grand Rapids, Michigan - Jo Ann has worked as a graphics designer for the past thirty years. She is currently working as a muralist, paints decorative walls, and as a fine arts painter. Her work has been exhibited and sold in galleries in the mid-west and on the west coast. Jo Ann's work can be seen locally at Imagerie Artists Cooperative Gallery at 910 Cherry SE in Grand Rapids.

Jim Howard - Grand Rapids, Michigan - Photography